About Us


Company Culture

Interpretation of “Hongrun”: Just like the rainbow after storm, Hongrun services quietly and
conscientiously for society Our vision: Going Global with World-class Instruments

Enterprise spirit - Hongrun defies any difficulty in the long march to future

Social law lies in unceasing progress – Mao Zedong

With promises borne on mind, we work tirelessly without hesitation

With dreams lighting the way, we seize every minute to deliver quality products

Core Concepts
  • Technology

    Innovation brings vitality

    The way ahead is long and has no ending; yet high and low I will search with my will unbending. -- Qu Yuan, a famous ancient Chinese poetTechnology is the driving force for company growth. Constant search for excellent technology talents is the guarantee of our leading position.

  • Management

    Cohesion produces strength and unity brings prosperity

    Solidarity produces strength. – Mao Zedong
        We follow a people-oriented principle, allow employees to fulfill their potential at the greatest extent, and fully inspire their motivation. As many hands make light work, we also put great attention on the cultivation of the team spirit.

  • Quality first

    Quality is the foundation

    When God is about to place great responsibility on a man, he will at first frustrate his will and exhaust his brawn -- Mencius
    The top quality of each product is built on the careful testing of each component, the improvement of each process and the long-time aging experiment in harsh environment.

  • Service

    Customer satisfaction is always our pursuit

    What is said must be done -- Confucius
    The support from customers is essential to our development, and we have committed every effort to meeting customers’ demands and wishes.



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